Yesterday I read a blog post by pastor Carlos A. Rodrîgues on “6 Must Do’s While You Are Hurting” and I made a decision…I need to start my own blog. Doesn’t matter who reads it. Doesn’t matter what people think…I needed to do this for myself. I needed a change.

I always wanted to, but life got the better of me, as it always does right? I realized though that that was just an excuse. I have been living a life where I felt like I needed to please the world…so much so, that I lost track of myself, my needs, my happiness.

Well then girl…not anymore!

I have always had a connection with animals. I love animals, but one of my favourite animals is the wolf. I feel connected to their sense of power and mystery. I feel connected to their ability to overcome the odds, to survive, to run in a pack, be wild and free. The wolf inside me, that has been in hibernation for such a long time, has awakened and she is longing to kick (or should I say bite) some life into me.

This will be my online diary so to speak. It is not genre specific. I will write, to remind myself, of why life is good after all. I will write, to remind myself, that through everything, each day I still opened my eyes. Each day is a new opportunity to figure life out as I go, a new opportunity to do new things, make old friendships better, make new friendships blossom, learn something different!