Oh Dear, Life!!

I’m starting my day with some Cranberries. Listening to “Dreams” and realising that even the opening sentence is so applicable to my life, most likely to everybody’s , if you take some time to think about it.

“All my life
Is changing every day
In every possible way
In all my dreams
It’s never quite as it seems
Never quite as it seems”
I realise how blind or naive I must be sometimes to not even notice how life changes everyday. I take it for granted, that’s for sure. Every day is different. And it will be what you make of it. Last month this time I would never have thought that I will be getting a new tattoo. Two months ago this time I would never have thought I would be single again. Three months ago I would never have thought to even start a blog, to write, to make a conscious effort to appreciate my friends more, to listen to their advice, to love them more for just being there for me, for understanding, to just going out and doing new things, meeting new people.
OK, so to be honest, it would take a lot of effort and habit changing to wake up everyday and try to be grateful for life not being a constant. Sometimes we want stuff to stay the same. Sometimes it changes in ways we do NOT want, and sometimes it doesn’t even give you ample warning. Life can snap it fingers and just like that, things are different. So yeah, not every day is a holiday, but I guess if it stayed the same, we wouldn’t put in all the effort to change it for the better. We would just be stuck where we are. We wouldn’t be jolted out of our comfort zone to start making things happen in order to survive.
For example: I always wanted more tattoos…but it was always a case of how, when, cost ect ect. And I kept putting if off and saying “one day”. If life didn’t change the way it did, I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to get one. And I didn’t even think twice. The opportunity was presented and I took it.
Just…don’t let bad stuff hold you back. Life might not be or end up as it seemed in your dreams, but don’t go through life with closed eyes.
wolf, tattoo, change, pain, harry potter, lord of the rings

Tattoo done by the brilliant Adam Megens from Adam’s Eden Tattoos. Thanks to my friend Beate for presenting the opportunity.


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