Refreshing My Blank Spot


What have you imagined for your life? Come to think of it, I’m not sure I imagined anything really….I’m not sure if I’m just hitting a blank spot in my memory or just never really gave the thought any attention.

( Let me just share a link to A Perfect Circle‘s cover song of “Imagine” to set the mood. )

This image I saw the other day. I DID laugh. It was the inspiration for this post. Like…yes, I thought that I would be married by now. Maybe not at 23…but definitely before I turned 30…now I’m halfway into my 34th year of life and still no ring.

young, married, laughter, 23

Yes, let’s laugh together

Thanks for all the empty promises D-Vader. I’m still keeping the Pinterest wedding board though!

So since I can’t remember the past, or how I thought my life would turn out, maybe it’s time I imagine the future.

  • I imagine a live with a partner that connects to my soul, my being, that respects me, that loves me truly, that will make me as happy as I can try to make them.
  • I imagine a live where I will not be stuck doing what I’m doing now, living out a passion – whether it’s for art or animals or other people
  • I imagine a live where I will not be held down by materialistic possessions, and idolised dreams to be like others.
  • I imagine a live where I can win the Lotto or something haha, where I can help out the people dearest to me, helping animal sanctuaries, supporting good causes.
  • I imagine a live where I will be able to travel to places close and far.
  • I imagine a live where I will take better care of myself, my wellbeing, my body, and my mind, through doing stuff that just…makes me happy!
  • I imagine a live where I will really REALLY understand, that live is a journey, a dance, a play…not something to rush through to get to some destination.

That last point there, is due to a video my friend Chet (check out her travelling blog) shared recently. The video is called “Alan Watts – Why Your Life Is Not A Journey” – view the video HERE

Maybe I won’t fulfil every wish, or live out every dream throughout my life, and I might get hurt a lot more throughout my life, but for me it’s good to know I have my own personal little “bucket list”. It’s good for me to know that whatever the future holds, every day forward can be better than the day before, depending on how I handle it, on how I treat myself. Keep on dreaming, keep on imagining.

Just because the past didn’t turn out the way you expected, doesn’t mean your future can’t be better than you ever imagined.



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