So what would you like to know?

Ok so I was born in a small town called Wynberg, Cape Town on the 3rd of July. Yeah, I’m a Cancer baby! I was adopted by the best parents anyone could ask for when I was 3 weeks old. There will surely be more stories to follow regarding my family, but for now, they are living in Bethal – the town I basically “grew up” in and became a human being.

I studied Graphic Design for 3 years at The Open Window -School of Visual Communication, and then moved to Johannesburg to start my career.

Today I’m living and working in Pretoria, “Snor-City“, the Jacaranda tree paradise.

I love all things animal and all things colourful. I probably have 10 different types of personalities each with their own way of laughing, so it depends what mood I’m in, but in general I just love hanging out with great people, helping where I can and I mostly seem happy. Of course I have a lot of masks I put on too, but with that I will deal with over time as I open myself up to the challenge by actually writing about it.

That’s all for now. As I go along I will probably expose more of myself. Just know that I’m an extra-ordinary but normal person like everybody else!