Being Shelter Safe

Safe as houses Tuck me in Daylight waits for no man You're still young and breathing's easy Suck it in What a waste this facade What a pity we've come this far The rain will fall and baptise Our strongholds, our sheltered lives Closed blinds, drawn curtains And vinyl floors can't hide Sane memories Bleed … Continue reading Being Shelter Safe


So This Just In…

I love TED Talk. Simple, enjoyable animations, to help one understand sometimes the most interesting things, like solving riddles, why animals have different life spans, and even teaching you how to write comedy. So anyway, once you on the YouTube channel, you always get suggested videos on the left hand side. As I'm busy watching a … Continue reading So This Just In…

In The Morning

Thank goodness I got Google Play again. Listening to OneRepublic's "Oh My My" Album and this one song...oh man, haha well it just suits me I guess. I love comparing my life to songs. It's my background music. OneRepublic - Better I tell myself I'll change That's right I tell myself I'll change But then … Continue reading In The Morning